Using a turntable you are manipulating music as well as trying to harmonize two parallel lines in this abstract art piece.


The Artists

Peter Halasz is a software developer who draws from his training and background in biotechnology, species conservation, Australian Sign Language, and renewable energy technology. He heads Because of Games, where he is developing a Pebbly Pop, a physics-based bubble shooter for iOS and Android. He is a volunteer administrator for Wikipedia.


Gerrard Jenner

Full-Time: Control System Engineer, AV Integrator

Casual: Indie developer, Arduino tinkerer, Sound designer, Synth builder, Circuit bender.

Education:  Sound Production, Computer Science and Digital Electronics

Skills:  Programming, Electronics, Sound, Game Design

Involved in the Melbourne music scene over the last 10 years, running dance and experimental nights: Beats n Bleeps, Factory Live, iNPuT, Unknown Language, Gear Shift.

Member of dorkBot homebrew/hardware workshops, Clan Analogue sound collective, Vicmod modular synth builders, Hackerspace and Outpost video/audio performers, Glitchmark.



Evan Sparks
A veteran of Melbourne’s underground techno scene as a member of live act Bubble & Squeak, Evan has been composing and performing electronic music ranging from acid techno, to ambient, to electrified swamp blues, for well over a decade. In recent years he has turned his hand to video-game soundtracks, scoring the music for several local indie games including the physics-based “Rebound” (Creatively Bankrupt) and rhythm game “Trancefusion” (Opix Studios). He is also an accomplished programmer and holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from RMIT University, working on projects to create affordable DIY musical instruments from off-the-shelf hardware. He is currently working on combining his passions for music, games and programming by seeking out new ways to bring interactivity to video-game soundtracks.

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