Team Spaceboard

As you come up to a keyboard and put on headphones, you are positioned in a space cockpit, looking at a nebula. You can now explore space and create music by playing the keys of the keyboard.


The Artists

Troy Rogan is currently studying contemporary music interactive composition at the Melbourne University Faculty of the VCA. His passion lies in connecting music with other media such as Video Games, Film and television. He has worked on various cross media projects as part of his university work as well as scoring many student short films both on and off campus.


Tom Bell (Mez) is an animator utilising everything from stop-motion to motion graphics with a focus on 3D. He is currently studying at RMIT and working for himself as a freelance artist.


Cherie Davidson is a jack-of-all-trades indie game developer and lecturer of games at RMIT. She has a strong interest in meaningful game design and loves the technical joy of problem solving through code. In 2011 she completed a degree in Digital Art (Games), and later in 2013 graduated from another degree, Games and Graphics Programming. In her spare time she works on a variety of digital media projects, varying from large scale games like the upcoming MMO, Wander, to smaller experimental creations like the ‘pretty noise toy’ Love Like Rain. Her personal projects are often driven by a keen interest in feminism, social justice, art, education and occasionally even fun.

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