Etch a Synth

Etch A Synth

By turning knobs, you are operating a digital etch a sketch. Where the lines intersect, you change the beat and tone of the music. You are now composing an a musical piece by drawing in a digital format with a physical controller.


The Artists

Richard works as a mobile developer for the digital agency Isobar. He has been working professionally as a software developer for 8 years. He makes games in his spare time, the last game he released was call Gem Jam for the app store. He has a Computer Science degree from the Charles Sturt University. He is a part of IGDA and Glitchmark.


Alex Perrin is a technical designer and illustrator with a passion for detailed dynamics and meticulous drawings. He is working on various projects from home and is completing a Bachelor of Design in Games at RMIT in Melbourne. At the moment Alex is working on multiple games focusing on unusual movements which include moving castles, autonomous umbrellas and a cat on a pogo stick.


Dom Willmott is an all round audio guy. His work has touched film, music and video games most notably in 2013 as sound mixer on the internationally syndicated documentary ‘Wagner’s Ring – A Tale Told in Music’.

He is currently finishing an Advanced Diploma of Sound Production at RMIT University while juggling many other projects.

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