Left to right: Josh Cousins, Maize Wallin, Sine Morris, Amani Naseem


Maize Wallin (Director, 21) is a Melbourne based composer (technically educated at VCA), a curator and creator of live art shows. While working predominantly with dancers and visual artists (highlights being CONJUNCT) Most recently she has run the Game Art Melbourne Exhibition and co-directed Glitchmark’s Holograph conference. Within VCA and the Melbourne Arts Precinct, Maize is co-directing a new digital arts event. As well as directing and managing events, Maize is involved as a consultant or guest speaker at other arts and tech events in Melbourne.

While Maize has done extensive work in prominent Melbourne galleries and museums, such as Fort Delta and the Ian Potter Museum of Art, she has worked extensively as a composer for theatre, film and games. Her passion is live arts and interdisciplinary collaborations.


Amani Naseem is a designer and researcher from the Maldives currently based in Melbourne, where she is PHD student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

She works in transdisciplinary groups to create games that have been shown at international exhibitions, conferences and festivals including Playpublik and the Venice Biennale. As a member of the Copenhagen Game Collective, she has been involved in promoting game culture by organising game jams and curating workshops and events among the Indie Games scene.



Sine Morris is a digital design student from the IT University of Copenhagen, now studying Game Design and Creative Writing at Swinburne University of Technology. She has worked with event planning and coordination for years in the entrepreneurial scene, as chairman of the organization ITU Innovators and university coordinator for Venture Cup. She has worked as a press officer and covered indie game jams as well as worked in interactive design projects in Denmark.


Exhibition Designer:

Josh Cousins is a recent graduate of RMIT’s bachelors program in Architecture, currently undertaking his masters. His architectural work has a focus on residential design, and he has recently carried out work for a number of local firms. Josh also has experience in exhibition design having been involved in six studios final semester exhibitions. Josh has had a strong interest in the design of games and games spaces since his involvement in the design and development of a live action game and gaming space, “the Whistler”. This project introduced him to the diverse games design culture of Melbourne as well as a broader range of design disciplines.