CTRL_Coda Concert Format


The evening concert format takes all five instruments from the smaller games, on to a stage for one united performance of live gameplay.

The Artists:

Amani Nasseem (CTRL_Coda’s co-director) is also our main designer for the concert format

Maize Wallin (CTRL_Coda’s co-director) is also our composer for the concert format

Katelyn Gigante is a Programmer/Game Developer. She studied Computer Science at La Trobe University, and worked for three years in game design, and another two publishing non-game software before that. She is a member of Glitchmark.

Thomas Ingram is a Melbourne game developer and interactive artist. He’s a graduate of RMIT who makes games, music visualisers and technical tools for artists. He has a love of all kinds of spaces; and if you can’t find him creating or designing them, you’ll find Thomas at his desk attempting to bend geometry and pixels to his will in projects involving lines, spheres, waves and lumberjacks.

Alex Perrin is a technical designer and illustrator with a passion for detailed dynamics and meticulous drawings. He is working on various projects from home and is completing a Bachelor of Design in Games at RMIT in Melbourne. At the moment Alex is working on multiple games focusing on unusual movements which include moving castles, autonomous umbrellas and a cat on a pogo stick.

Thank you also to Peter Halasz and Harrison Smith for your work programming!

CTRL_Coda showcase at Freeplay's Parallels