Using a novel proximity interface Burgeon allows for the creation and manipulation of interesting music and visuals. A wondrous space of your own creation.


The Artists

Barnaby RW is a games, art and design person with a taste for the vivid and eccentric side of art. He studied games design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and has worked on many and varied projects including bizarre games, alternative game interfaces, stop motion animations and virtual environments to be displayed in night clubs.



Alexander Beck is a person from Melbourne. He teaches Music Production at the Victorian College of the Arts. He writes music, records music, speaks about recording music. Sometimes goes by Vincent D. Black.


Rhys Van Der Waerden
After completing game development at RMIT, Rhys has worked professionally on a couple of games and is now working as a freelance programmer. He has a few interactive side projects and also participates in game jams.


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