Reflecting on the ubiquity of digital formats and instruments in music as well as traditional conventions of musical instruments, this project explores possible configurations between instrument, digital art and game controller. Musicians, game designers and artists, software and hardware developers will collaborate to produce 5 original pieces that invite audience play as well as musical performance.

What does it mean to take musical composition and performance as a foundation for the design of an interactive game, on par with its visual and programmatic game system?

Exhibition experience            

Exhibition audiences walk into the space and are able to play each game and its instrument, performing a new kind of play and a new kind of improvisation.

By day, the exhibition space is arranged around the 5 musical instruments and games hooked up to their individual displays. The instruments are also game controllers and the gameplay and soundtrack are interdependent.








By night, a band performs a concert using the newly created instruments while simultaneously playing a sixth cooperative game on display for the evening audience.


Not only are visitors able to enjoy a completely new concert experience, they can also play the individual instruments and games during the day, making their own tunes while experiencing technologically groundbreaking interaction with music.